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Powerful features of the Emulator

Compatible with all computer platforms

Even if you use an Intel or AMD system, the software is compatible. Nox emulator software will make the most of the hardware power to optimize the applications installed so that they run smoothly.

Multiplayer mode

The ability to multitask on Nox Player 6 is extremely awesome. You can run multiple Android applications and games at the same time. Each application or game will be displayed in each window so you can control them all at once.
This is like using multiple phones at once. And all you need is a computer running nox multitasking software that is a replacement for using multiple phones.

Compatible with Windows and Mac

NoxPlayer 6 is compatible with most Windows versions including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. Mac Sierra versions 10.12 / 10.11 ... Installing and using on Apple's MAC OS is simple and easy. The strength of the emulator software is that it can multitask. Help you can play Android games on your Laptop

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play game on Nox 2020

Based on Android 4.4.2 platform

Android 4.4.2 is an Android version that is no longer new. But you can rest assured, all the latest games are now supported for Android 4.4.2. And because running on Android 4.4.22, Nox Player 6 is the lightest Android emulator on PC.

Integrate Google Play

Google Play is an application store on Android phones. However, not many Android emulation software on the PC supports this app store but use its own app store. The integration of the Google Play app store on the Nox Player 6 emulator makes it easy to install all applications and games without being confined.

Record screen video, install APK file

NoxPlayer has a built-in recorder that allows you to record or take screenshots during games, just like a real smartphone. This feature is extremely useful for you as a streamer or YouTuber. Installing APK files from a 3rd party.

Specifically, you can immediately download an APK file directly from your computer, and then just need to manipulate it. Drag and drop on the emulator, you can easily install the application. NoxPlayer is gradually simplifying and not complicated for new users.

Nox emulator software is one of these. With a modern, friendly interface that integrates many useful features based on Android 4.4.2, this is an Android emulation software that is worth installing and using. Besides, the small size helps the software operate smoothly on all computer platforms including weak computers.

Nox player can help users install all Android apps and games on their computer. Thanks to taking advantage of the hardware power of the PC, the Android applications used on Nox work very smoothly and without any lag. Popular games like Clash of Clans, PUBG Mobile, FREE FIRE, … all run smoothly.

Record screen video: One of the unique features for NoxPlayer. You can shoot Android screen quite easily with Video Recorder feature has been added to version 5.2. To record, click the Video recording button with the camera icon in the right toolbar.

• Feature Root: NoxPlayer also provides you with a root feature, just turn it on by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen to busy System Setup. On the Settings tab, which is often used where the Root section operates, please check the Root launch button, then restart the application.

• Automate Android: NoxPlayer 5.2 adds a great Macro Recorder feature. You can record some actions on the screen to form a “script” (macro). You can play this macro later, and all the operations you have recorded will be done automatically again.

Stable and smooth speed: The experience of NoxPlayer is great when playing games, especially ARPGs role-playing games. You can use the WASD keys to control the character in the game as well as other keys to launch skills or shoot the enemy …

Powerful features of the Emulator

1. NoxPlayer was created to support gamers who like to play mobile games with the help of a mouse, trackpad, handheld controller and computer keyboard, and optimize performance, convenient when handling actions. Difficult actions encountered on the phone are extremely easy.

2. Besides, multi-window mode (multiplayer) allows users to do more when they can run multiple applications or games simultaneously on the same device and screen.

3. In terms of performance, NoxPlayer allows users to set screen resolution, customize CPU or RAM occupancy based on performance and in accordance with the hardware configuration of the computer being used.

4. Nox Player can be said as the best Android emulator. In addition, if you are an application developer, want a realistic test environment to get the best results before publishing on the Google Play store, the Nox Player app is what you need.

Nox App Player, Play mobile games without worrying about running out of battery. NoxPlayer emulator is fully optimized, compatible with any game or application, providing a great experience than ever before. In addition to smooth stability and fast operation, this Android Emulator also has the ability to control the mouse, keyboard and handle, the multi-functional function that helps open many applications at once, …. Create a great gaming experience.

  • – New generation Android 7: Play mobile games on PC with powerful Android 7 OS
  • – Outstanding features: The application runs smoothly, great experience.
  • – The climax of experience: Easy to use, fast to master all the hottest games.
  • – Control mouse, keyboard and handle: Set up the keyboard automatically with just a few mouse clicks. Use the mouse, keyboard and controller together to experience the game better.
  • – Multi-functional: The software allows opening multiple applications at the same time, each simulator can play the game independently, supporting the use of multiple game accounts.
  • – Help manipulation: Helps remember complicated operations and automatically repeat operations with only one gesture.

FAQ before use? & Fix Error, Update

Now take a look at the minimum requirements of your computer to run this emulator.

Processer Processor 2.2 GHz
RAM: 2GB or more
Graphics: 1GB or more
Video: 1GB or more video memory
Storage: 2GB free (Minimum)

Therefore, this is the minimum requirement to run the nox player on your computer in our experience. You can read it on the official website a bit different from us.

Click the download link on the homepage and then double-click the file and then select Install to install it on your computer.

  1. Open Nox> Click the gear icon to dream install.
    Select Advanced settings.
    Then choose the configuration parameters to a higher level

NoxPlayer supports Android 4.5,7 operating system extremely fast and smooth, these operating systems versions are also very popular with many people. The compatibility of the software must be said to be great, any new game or application on Android, NoxPlayer can help you download and install easily.

The ability to customize as well as personalize on NoxPlayer is extremely high and worthwhile. First, we can choose to simulate different phone models, but most are smartphones from Samsung. Next, we adjust the parameters such as CPU, ram, screen resolution to suit each game you play. We can even simulate an imei number, even though it is virtual but extremely interesting.Review NoxPlayer software: The best Android emulator to play mobile games on PC - BlogAnChoi

General conclusion: Bigbox Relatively light, suitable for low-end, mid-range machine, used to experience online games MOBA, FPS, ... the quality of the game is good, used to work is not a problem, graphics quite nice, has been completed by the manufacturer.

General conclusion: For installation to use a bit long, requires a mid-range configuration or more, the game experience is great, but the graphics are not as good as Nox, has been improved by the manufacturer.

Finally, in my opinion, Bluestacks is slightly better than Nox in all aspects except graphics, Bluestacks is suitable for high-configuration machines, and Nox is suitable for low-configuration machines. It is my own opinion and you have any comments below to let me know. Thanks!

  • 1. General settings:

It is possible to edit the language (Language environment) here.nox player for pc windows 10

  • 2. Advanced settings:

 Advanced settings for nox app playerHere you can see the amount of machine resources that Nox App Player will use for each option in the Feature Settings section. Higher usage will require more resources. You can adjust as you like in the menu and change the appearance of this software right in the start of installation.

Change the options and then click Save settings and restart the emulator to perform

  • 3. Set properties for Emulator.

Here you can set your phone carrier and phone number.

  • 4. Install shortcut keys:

setring keymapping noxNox App Player has a quite complete and rich shortcut system for different operations. However, you can use it or not and if you want, you can change these shortcuts more appropriately, by left-clicking on them and entering an alternate shortcut from the keyboard. After changing the shortcut, click Save to make changes.

  • 5. Interface settings

This is the section for us to change the display list of options in the submenu on the right of the emulator interface. We tick the items to use and uncheck the unnecessary items. Make a selection and save and check the main interface of the interface to see changes.

The submenu has narrowed down the number of applications. Continue to click the settings icon below the main interface of the emulator screen.

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Nox emulator software is one of these. With a modern, friendly interface that integrates many useful features based on Android 4.4.2, this is an Android emulation software that is worth installing and using. Besides, the small size helps the software operate smoothly on all computer platforms including weak computers.

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