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Blade&Soul Revolution

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Play Blade & Soul: Revolution on PC with Nox

Blade & Soul: Revolution (Blade & Soul Mobile) is one of the highly anticipated MMORPG blockbusters in the world in early 2020. Possessing beautiful graphics, deep storylines, Blade & Soul: Revolution will bring players great experiences, enjoy beautiful skill plays with engaging gameplay.

Currently, Blade and Soul Mobile is not available in Google Play and Appstore. You need to download the APK file (for Android) or roam the Appstore to experience this game. If you do not know how you can refer to article 2 know below:

Blade & Soul: Revolution gameplay

Blade & Soul: Revolution inherits almost all of the best features of the PC version. The game has 4 tribes including Gon, Lyn, Yun, and Jin, but there are only 4 factions including Sword Master (Blade Master), Martial Master (KungFu Master), and Mage (Force Master).

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Starting Blade & Soul: Revolution, players will choose, create, and control the character to explore the world around them by completing missions assigned by the NPC. Completing quests and gaining experience to level up is crucial in this game. Players will do the quest according to the available Blade & Soul story with interesting details accompanied by new features gradually being opened.

Each faction has its own set of skills with specialized weapons to create extremely beautiful combos. Go up to a high level to learn more skills and unique new techniques to perfect the character’s combo. 

Besides, the character also possesses passive skills to support increased power attack, defense, blood, and many other indicators. Passive skill upgrades help the character have an advantage of intense 1v1 battles. Upon reaching level 20, 50, 100, 150, and 200, players will unlock new passive skills, adding strength stats to the character.

Foreign page system diversity with costumes polar substances, causing characters to become strong and cool much.

In essence, a role-playing game, Blade & Soul: Revolution is certainly indispensable for the equipment and weapons for the characters in the game. Equipment is divided into 5 qualities from low to high, including white, green, blue, purple, and orange, corresponding to the increasing power of the item.

The forging system supports equipment upgrades, increases the strength of the character. When collecting all the necessary materials, players can pair into new equipment. The rarer the material, the higher the quality equipment that is fitted.

When you reach level 30, players can come to conquer the extremely difficult Daily Dungeon, win and win extremely attractive rewards. In addition, Dungeon will wait for players at level 40 to try with 3 other heroes in the game. The frontier Struggle led teams to go all four people can pass.

Referring to the role-playing genre, people will immediately think of full-server boss hunts, which are events for players to collect rare equipment and items. The boss system consists of 5 areas, each area has an average of 5 for players to hunt them down.

Arena where matches 1 vs. 1 take place . 1 and 2 vs. 2 extremely attractive. Players need to register in the arena and wait for the season to start to compete high and low together, together to find the king of the arena in Blade & Soul: Revolution.

Hongmoon Training Area – a useful and interesting feature for those who want to practice adding basic combos to advanced characters. If you are not confident about your combo ability, go to the Hongmoon Training Area now and practice the existing combo series of your character.

Together with form a Clan, contribute to building a strong Clan, experience the features only available in the Clan interface.

Not only plowing traditional missions, but players also need to complete Challenges such as Achievements, Time-Limited Missions, and many other attractive features.

One thing unique in Blade & Soul: Revolution is that players can control the character to fly in the wind, even running on waterThe merit of doing the quest, the distance between the character and the NPC, monsters, and items shortens very quickly. Therefore, take advantage of the ability to fly to be able to finish quickly.

Graphics – Sound Blade & Soul: Revolution

Beautiful 3D graphicslarge open-world spacefast-paced gameplay in character movements, and battles. Create a variety of characters, with distinctive styles for each sect. The wide  area skill effect and single-target are beautiful and extremely majestic, making people imagine a mobile game that is both similar and different from the PC version.

Blade&Soul Revolution 8

The background music in the game is constantly changing, sometimes in a hurry, sometimes melodically and gently with the echoing bamboo flute, creating a very lively ancient atmosphere. Every movement from picking up items or implementing skills, even small movements are simulated in great detail by Blade & Soul: Revolution, making the game more authentic and richer. 

System requirements Blade & Soul Mobile


Android 6.0 and above.


iOS 12.0 and above

As expected of being the most anticipated MMORPG in the world in early 2020, Blade & Soul: Revolution has brought an extremely large open space, sharp graphics, rich sound with core extremely interesting stories. 

If you are passionate about MMORPG, you can play Blade & Soul: Revolution PC all day without getting bored. What do you think about this game? Please comment below for me to share!

Blade&Soul Revolution
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Blade & Soul: Revolution (Blade & Soul Mobile) is one of the highly anticipated MMORPG blockbusters in the world in early 2020. Possessing beautiful graphics, deep storylines, Blade & Soul: Revolution will bring players great experiences, enjoy beautiful skill plays with engaging gameplay.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Game

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