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Little Big City 2 PC

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Steps to play Little Big City on Emulator

Now, you can experience life in a modern city, full of everything. Little Big City 2 will help you make that dream come true by letting you enjoy a sense of freedom to build and design. You also run all activities in the city just for you.

What is Little Big City 2?

Little Big City is a simulator in which you need to take charge of a work team and show that you can build a new city.

The game works very similar to Facebook games, like the famous CityVille, for example.

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That is, you can take advantage of this to use all your knowledge acquired in social games when it comes to starting to develop your metropolis. Those who are embarking on the journey of being mayor for the first time need not worry, as the game features a tutorial showing how everything should work during the game.

Evolving with caution

At Little Big City, you start on a small land plot and must go, step by step, to develop the city. Thus, it is necessary to build a structure capable of convincing people to come and live there. And everything must be done with caution, as, as stated above, you must do one thing at a time.

You must first invest in rural properties, small houses, and modest commercial establishments, but that bring progress to the city. As soon as the inhabitants start to establish themselves, you can evolve a level within Little Big City, also gaining the chance to bring new buildings, each time bigger and more imposing.

However, do not only think about your city’s growth and invest in the residents’ quality of life, offering an excellent public structure and several parks. 

Also, don’t spend all of your money indiscriminately; otherwise, reaching your goals will become a more complicated task than it really should be. That way, with everyone living happily in your city, nothing will stop you from building a vast, resourceful place.

To keep gambling busier – and break the routine of matches a little – Little Big City has some small mini-games. They emerge as you reach specific goals and serve to earn you some very useful bonuses, such as higher income from renting houses.

Our Opinion about Little Big City

Little Big City is a good option for those who like that type of simulator that is very successful on social networks – like the popular FarmVille, whose concept is very similar, or the Facebook version of the classic Sim City.

Both the gameplay and the games’ development happen practically equal to that seen in the games created for social networks. This can both please and upset players, especially those looking for more dynamic matches or something more different from what is found in other titles.

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The controls of Little Big City are easy, and in a short time, you will be able to master the matches’ different menus. All are accessed using a few buttons, something that facilitates mastering the different functions of the game.

1. Many missions and graphics that please

There are many missions, something that can even bother you, since building a house can mean a new goal completed. Games, just like in social games, happens quickly initially, but after a certain time of play, you can be “stuck”, waiting for new action points or for more money to be collected.

Little Big City’s graphics, please. Everything appears in a satisfactory resolution, and the buildings have very neat designs. There are a wide variety of different structures, something that makes games more exciting and fun.

The sounds show caprice. Throughout the game, there are different effects, always following the gamer’s progress, such as the sounds of resources being harvested or, then, of new constructions being developed.

2. Build your city

When you start playing Little Big City 2, you will be role-playing to become a talented architect, and if you build a good city, the player will enjoy a benefit that is to become mayor, who holds the right to design, build and operate a large island.

The game’s content is quite simple; at the beginning, the player will need to learn how to become a mayor because you will design and build, both expanding the population and taking care of everyone’s lives.

3. Residential area

According to the basic principle, everything modern is to serve the needs of human life. And in Little Big City 2 too, with the increasing population on the island, players will build more and more modern buildings.

4. Factory area

Factories are an integral part of cities. And in Little Big City 2, too, this is the place to provide all the materials and goods necessary for the city’s operation. Each type of goods will need a different time to be crafted and finished.

5. Mission system and achievements

There are countless different quests in Little Big City 2 PC; they are assigned from the boss or the factories’ manager and factories on the island. Upon completion, the player will receive a wealth of items, gold coins, and experience necessary to develop the city in particular and the island in general.

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