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Plague Inc PC: a unique mobile game that combines realistic strategy and simulation. In the game, you are the one who spread dangerous germs all over the world to destroy humanity. With realistic 2D graphics and easy gameplay.

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The game has more than 11 types of plague and three levels of difficulty for you to choose from (including regular and special translation). Types of epidemics are played by many people, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, biological weapons, …

What is Plague Inc?

Plague Inc. It is a real-time strategy simulation video game. It is developed by an independent games studio located in the United Kingdom know as Ndemic Creations. This game is normally known as a pandemic simulator game. In this game, the player creates and evolves a virus or Pathogen to annihilate the human race with a deadly pandemic.

The game uses models with a realistic set of variables to simulate the widespread plague. Plague Inc. was released on 26 May 2012 for IOS and Microsoft Windows, 4 October 2012 for Android, and in 2015 for Windows Phones. Plague Inc.

It has been downloaded over 100 million times and was received positively by critics. Plague Inc. Also won the game of the year award by IGN for “Overall Best Strategy Game” in the year 2012. This game has an active community and is regularly updated.


Features and In-Game tour of Plague Inc.

1. Gameplay

Plague Inc. is a plague-simulation game in which the player controls a plague that has infected player-zero. The player has many choices; he can choose between various game modes and pathogens and complete the game-mode objective by growing and evolving the plague according to various environments.

To make the game hard, there is also a time pressure present where you have to complete the game. The time period ends when you erase the whole human race from the Earth, and you win, or when the humans find a cure and defeat the virus, and you lose the game.Plague Inc on PC 8

The game is not limited to only infecting and killing humans but also enslaving them using a virus known as “Neurax Worm” or making humans zombies with “Necroa Virus.”

The developers of Plague Inc. has said that “this game is a bit like the film Contagion from 2011 except you are on the other side” the developer said that this game was partially inspired by this film and partially inspired by a browser-based flash game from 2008 known as Pandemic 2 created by Dark Realm Studios.

2. Disease types

Plague Inc. contains many types of pathogens; each contains it’s own advantages and disadvantages. In the starting, the player can only select bacteria, but new Pathogens and diseases are unlocked by winning the game with the previous Pathogen in Normal or brutal mode.

This game includes many pathogens like viruses, parasites, nano-virus, and bio-weapon. There are also special plagues that player can buy and unlock by completing missions, and the extra plagues are mind-controlling by Neurax Worm, the zombie plague Necroa Virus, Simian Flu from the film “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” also from 2011, and also a vampire-themed plague known as Shadow Plague.

3. Tutorial Section {Main Game, Cure Mode}

The game contains a Tutorial section, which contains two option in it. In which one is the Main Game, and the second is the Cure mode. Both contain a wide range of pathogens. The tutorial mode trains the player about everything the game can do by making a test round.

In this mode, almost everything is unlocked, and the game also contains a fast-forward option, which is paid in the pain game and free in the tutorial section.

4. Progress section [Plague Hunter, Plague Master, Crafter]

Plague Inc. also has a Progress section containing three options: Plague Hunter, Plague Master, and Crafter. The game also has a scenario in which the game shows widespread fake news and teaches players how fake news is spread, and funding is taken from people, and how fake blames are made.

According to the Game, the first step to make the fake news legit is to blame the cause on child products that they eat and add an ingredient and mention it as the cause of the disease that doesn’t even exist. Plague Inc. Is a very informative Game according to the spreading of bad things across the world.

5. Main Menu & Setting

The main menu of Plague Inc. contains three major options. First is the Play Button and second is Tutorial, and third is the Progress section. The first one provides normal gameplay with different difficulty options.Plague Inc on PC 9

Where the second one contains everything, a player needs to know and trains it to its best. The third and last major option contains a new set of gameplay options like fake news spread and much more.

The main menu also contains a settings tab that doesn’t give many options as it only contains sound and music sliders. According to the new update in 2020-2021, the game also added another virus that is still spreading in real worldly life. And that virus is COVID-19. A deadly virus created in 2019 by 2 almost American scientists while using a laboratory in China.

6. Knowledge of creating plague and causing destruction.

According to doctors, this game is very informative as it teaches people about many aspects of life. It contains the complete knowledge of how plagues are started and managed till the cure is made.

This game also tells that plague can also be started by a certain plan or people an accidental chemical reaction can also create plague, but a group of people can also do it to damage a country, creating health issue and killing thousands of people for just belittling another country or state.

This game also has a section in which players are taught how fake news is spread, and quick funds are generated by just claiming any bad thing to be added as a key ingredient in children’s products.

This game contains too much knowledge about the current time and state of the world that some people doesn’t even take this game as a game, but rather they say that Plague Inc emulator. is an app that gives knowledge about the current condition of the world.

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