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Pokemon Cafe Mix PC

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Play Pokemon Cafe Mix on PC with Emulator

Suppose you are a fan of business, management, and a lover of cute, cute Pokemon. Then indeed, Pokemon Cafe Mix PC is ​​a game you should try once. With the new and unique gameplay, the game will bring you gentle and enjoyable moments.

Pokemon Cafe Mix has unique and fun gameplay that you will enjoy the first time you experience it. At first glance, you will feel that it is somewhat similar to the mechanism of Match-3 games (put blocks of the same shape next to each other to score points), but not Pokemon Cafe Mix altogether has its difference.

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In the game, you will need to select and link pokemon shapes of the same condition together to score points. But the unique feature here is the way you can connect them. As a roaster, a coffee grinder, you will be able to pull and mix the blocks in the reservoir very simply, as long as they can come together, link together you have. 

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Customers coming to the cafe are adorable Pokemon, who will order the food and drinks on the menu of the cafe, and you will need to take up the challenges to be able to cook the dishes. Eat, drink. Pokemon Cafe Mix’s challenges include: Eat enough Pokemon blocks, break ice blocks in the reservoir, break cakes, objects or bring apples, objects to the bottom of the lake, or score enough points. 


After completing the set challenges, you will achieve what the guests order and receive a reward that includes chestnuts (in-game currency) and loyalty points. When you reach the necessary loyalty points, you can invite these Pokemon guests to stay and become full-fledged employees for your coffee shop.

More than that, a very special element in Pokemon Cafe Mix is ​​that each of your Pokemon staff possesses different skills. Each time you break the blocks, there will be a cumulative amount of points; the more blocks are eaten, the greater the accumulation of points. When the required amount of Fury points is reached, a symbolic block will appear in the reservoir, and you can move that block to the position it needs to be able to cast the skills of the Pokemon. 

You can also accumulate points to help unlock outfits to change the look and look of your Pokemon staff. To make them look more fun and adorable.


When you reach the required number of levels and the necessary amount of money, you will unlock more new items and decorations in your store. Even you can ultimately expand the space, making your store more spacious and comfortable. The expansion is conducted at random; when you meet the required requirements, the game will automatically carry out upgrades and expansion. 

Supporting items 

To make your levels simpler. In Pokemon Cafe Mix on Emulator Nox, you will be given many support items, which help break a small number of cubes in the positions you choose. These items will provide a considerable advantage to conquer challenges when used at the right time and the right place. 

Sound and graphics 

  1. Sound 

It is a game with gentle entertainment nature, giving players the feeling of relaxation. Therefore, Pokemon Cafe Mix’s soundtrack uses a slow, melodic rhythm, bringing a sense of joy and excitement to the player. The game also has simple funny sound effects, used when players score, use skills or support items and interact with Pokemon appearing in the cafe. Help the game avoid boredom, add fun, and create a sense of excitement for players.

  1. Graphics 

Pokemon Cafe Mix uses simple, bright, harmonious colors to give players a gentle and enjoyable entertainment feeling. The familiar Pokemon and childhoods of many people are sketched in an extremely detailed and adorable way.

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Pokemon Cafe Mix PC 8Besides, there are screens with unique block-moving effects that you can easily relate to a coffee grinder image, giving players a feeling of new and excitement. Combining with other effects when scoring, using support items, or using skills … create extremely eye-catching, interesting, attractive, and lovely gameplay. 

Detailed configuration 

  1. Android 

Android 6.0 and above


iOS 12.0 and above 

Pokemon Cafe Mix (Google Play) is ​​a good game, rich in entertainment, and gives players a great sense of relaxation and efficiency. With simple gameplay but alternating with countless challenges, it promises to bring you a great experience. Download and try now with Pokemon Cafe Mix to get the most authentic and complete knowledge of this exciting game.

Pokemon Cafe Mix PC
Pokemon Cafe Mix PC 9

Suppose you are a fan of business, management, and a lover of cute, cute Pokemon. Then indeed, Pokemon Cafe Mix PC is ​​a game you should try once. With the new and unique gameplay, the game will bring you gentle and enjoyable moments.

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