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Village Life PC

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It is a new social game depicting a village’s life from the very beginning to its development into a large social community. The game’s content is quite attractive; you will be able to manually build a small dream village with experiences close to real life in the virtual world.

What is Village Life?

Village Life PC is a game in which you take control of a small group of humans. In this way, you have a responsibility to lead them to prosperity. Unlike other games, which are based only on growing and expanding their territories, this game is concerned with the well-being of the community’s inhabitants. 

It all starts with a noble couple who are waiting for the arrival of beautiful twins. After doing some primary tutorial missions, it’s time to give birth to new residents. Throughout the game, other inhabitants are inserted in the journey in various ways, and the village starts to get bigger and bigger.

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Village life opens with the story of a young couple who are about to have their first child, who wish to build a shelter after losing their home in a major flood. They stopped in a deserted village that seemed devoid of people. 

Here, you will be transformed into a young couple, set your name, and build your own life. The game will guide you on ways to perform through assigned missions. Through each completed assignment, you will be awarded a reward or experience points.

Features of the game build the village.

Village Life is a fun social game that makes players more emotionally involved than other famous titles available on Facebook. This is because it is necessary to take care of residents’ basic needs in a much closer way than in a game of development of a megacity, for example.

Gameplay has many new features.

As a negative aspect, the game has a lot of dependence on an interaction between the players. In this way, the game can be stopped for some time until you can advance. This is because many buildings can only be built with resources from other players. Likewise, meetings, weddings, and having children are also possible only with the inhabitants of another community.

The graphics are simple but very well finished. Like other titles of the same genre for social networks, the visual is pleasant and pleasurable. The soundtrack and sound effects are discreet and contribute to smooth gameplay for hours.

To finish on the technical aspects, Village Life has excellent gameplay. The graphic quality and the superb organization of the elements on the screen help to be able to perform all tasks without any type of inconvenience.

The life of prehistoric people

The new thing that Village Life brings is that the developer knows how to flawlessly apply real-life experiences into virtual worlds.

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From storyline stages to assigned tasks such as protecting the village from ferocious animals, building schools for young children, doing farm work to get food to serve food needs. Village life has brought us into the old times in a fascinating way.

The sound and graphics of the game are quite sharp.

 Also, in the game, the amount of system energy is applied in two forms: time recovery and instant recovery. 

In different missions will have to consume an additional amount of energy. Therefore, you must pay attention to replenish your energy promptly to get the best job done.

We are meeting the needs of the people.

The main objective of Village Life is to provide a happy life for all residents. So, stay tuned to the icons that appear over the characters’ heads and try to satisfy those desires.

After all, through a happiness meter, you will reach other levels in the game. There is a totem that is exceptionally bright when you reach the required level of happiness. Tap on it and go to the next level.

Most of the actions in Village Life on Emulator Noxplayer are to put the inhabitants to work on a project. Each resident has an energy bar, which is recharged over time and determines how many and what tasks he can perform.

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